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Thursday, January 1, 2009

shikin's W.E.D.D.I.N.G

Previous couple of days..I went to my cousin’s wedding… From nikah till bersanding ceremony…Lots of people attend da wedding…pak ngah, pak uda, pak long, mak nor, mak nis, uncle…and blablabla (to many to be mentioned) well it is such a “MERIAH”…ermm Shikin nikah on Friday..so I went to her house after get back from work..penat giler…huuuu…That night the brides were having a “Malam Berinai ceremony” there are two malam berinai which is inai besar & inai kecil…=) within 21 years, baru aku tahu ade inai besar ade inai kecil…ahaha..hehe..ok2 stop talking about inai… ermm that nite..aiman(my bro) had been offered to be the “pengapit” for rehearsal ape lagi dengan berpeluh2 aiman became the “pengapit”…klaka jgk tgk die…he felt nervous but pretend not to…hehe..

Saturday is a “Bersanding Ceremony”…Many people came to memeriahkan that ceremony…The weather is so hot..so I decided to get in to the house… While im sitting.. I saw a little boy with a quite long hair… Seriously his face look like a Japanese kid.. he is damn cute..I approached him.. but he started to ran away…mybe he’s quite shy I guess… then aiman told me..”EYh Angah ko kene ade skill nak ambil hati budak2”…ahaha…in my heart said “btul jgk”.. hehe..So wat I did was.. I approached another boy which is a brother of that Japanese Boy…After talking with his brother then that Japanese Boy started to approached…ahaaa…at last the kid wanted to approach… Macam2 budak2 nih…ermm Actually the Japanese boy's name is Imran and his brother is,,,er…I Cant remember… if im not mistaken…Irfan I guess…hehe That’s all for now… Below are pictures taken during the ceremony...

Shikin and her lovely dovely husband..i think her dress is quite nice..during mlm berinai

Ayah disuruh pak ngah present his silat...heee~

Aiman for da 1st time being a pengapit..

Mak yang dipaksa for menepung tawar..ahaha

Im full oleady..mkn..mkn..and mkn lagi..

Irfan & Imran


Almost 1 month I had been along wif AWS..this is such a good opportunity to work with the company..eventough I felt damn exhausted..but there’s a lot of stuff I could learn…auditing,step audit,conversion and lots more to be mentioned….ermmm…the staffs are very kind and willing to help the new trainees like us..I mingle around to mix crowd..ermm “Adrene” she is a new trainee, very nice and very helpful…I really like to be friend with her…or so wat we call, me and her are “SATU KEPALA”..ngheee… She always offer her help when im facing a prob with conversion..bcozzz…she’s pro than me… hehe...

P/S : Nway thx a lot ANDRENE(^-^)

I.N.T.E.R.S.H.I.P @ Azman,Wong&Salleh

HYE all. This is my first time doing a posting. I saw a lot of people had started to post their stories through blog. So, I’m taking this opportunity to do so. As for a new blogger like me…there’s a lot of thing to be shared. I am now having my long holiday….which is, almost 8 months……but for 6 months I’ve to go for my internship….the rest of the month..??? shall I call it as plenty time or in the other words.. “Lepak2 king at home”.. arghhh bosannnn….wat a bored….Can’t wait to begin my practical training. Some said.. intership is just a tiring and you will be able to loose weight….is that true?? I dunnow.. Lets wait and see either I’m gonna loose weight or gaining weight…=P…. Speaking about practical training… I had been offered to do my practical training in Azman, Wong & Salleh Co…have you guys heard bout the company before?? (hehe mcm MC la pulak)..Well Azman, Wong & Salleh Co. or in short form “AWS” is a medium audit firm located in a middle of KL. I had been offered as audit trainee. Alhamdulilah, at last I’ve been offered a place which I can do my practical…n after went through the “violent interview session” I managed to grab the trainee position….During the session I’ve been inflicted by the one of manager… the question had been asked was enigmatic and at one moment I dun even know what is the answer for the ques… At that time I was panic n I had a strong believe that I wont passed the interview…. But Alhamdulilah mybe its my fortune..and from Allah bless…=)… The best thing bout “AWS” is the salary..well I cant denied it… For ordinary student like me 1K per month is quite a lot… ermmm moreover I’ve to work up to 7 days a week… I can imagine how exhausted and how busy my life would be… for the 6 months… Whatever it is…I’ll take it as challenge and struggle in order to give my supreme effort along the internship programe.. GAMBATEE!!!!....